EIMA 2016 - 25bis/5A

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Gascón International presents in EIMA 2016 : Pav. 25bis Hall 25A

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Gascón International is agricultural machinery manufacturer leader for soils mechanization and the brand Number One in Spain and France; this is the reason why Gascón International now arrives to Italy.


During the event in Italy, thanks to the support of its best products, Gascón International intends to capture its Italian and foreign visitors attention, to gain its favours and leave them shocked, because of the excellence of its manufacturing.


The main aim of Gascón International is introducing its excellent manufacturing in Italy.  To showing its skills, its high standard quality and performances, its care for details, both technical and aesthetical details. Something that is difficult to meet even in Italy.


Gascón International wants impress its public through the powerfulness and strongness of its manufacturing process.

Gascón International is landing today in Italy having the strong will to stay there.

Gascón International is going to offer the best quality / price relation, in such a way, as it has never been sawn before in Italy.

Gascón International Export Manager Miss Malgarí Lagrasta will welcome visitors to the stand in Italian (mother tongue), in Spanish, in English, in French, in Russian.


Gascón International has got quite many dealers all over the world: In Oceania, in Europe, in Africa and it wants to meet more.


That’s the reason why its Export Manager is strongly interested to meet new partnerships coming from North Europe, North Africa, the USA, and the South America and so on…


Gascón International is strongly motivated to stay in Italy and become able to enrich and delight the country with its amazing quality and performances. Nobody is to be considered safe of falling in love with Gascón International high production standards.


Just need to come and visit Gascón International Stand A5 Hall 25bis