High performances with a simple handling



These equipments are recommended for direct as well as for secondary works because, with a sole passage, they break the compacted soil pan and improve the penetration of water in depth, as well as they aerate the soil.

Chisels and Semi chisels allow to make superficial works (5 to 15mm.deep) as well as deep works (30 to 35mm.deep) in compacted and stony soils.

At the same time they mix the soil with stubble and prepare the best sowing, ready for seeding.

Tines shape assures power of penetration and each body is totally independent one from the other in order to guarantee efficiency upon the whole surface.

The height of tines, with a large frame clearance, allows to work with big quantities of stubble without any risk of stalling.

Tines disposition into two or three rows, with a big spacing inter rows, contributes to betterer performances of the machine and to increase labour velocity.