High performances with a simple handling

KON: Chisel/Semichisel 2-3 rows hydraulic folding CH/SCH-FH


Frames of chisels or semichisels are small and compacted and they contribute to maintain the machine near the tractor so as to favour its handling in the field.

The chisels and the semichisels allow to make superficial works (5 to 15mm.deep) as well as deep works (30 to 35mm.deep) in compacted and stony soils.

The system with spring guarantees the proper adhesion to the soil in every moment and all over the surface.

Springs are calibrated and pretensioned in origin to make tines work properly and came back to the correct work position once overcame an obstacle.

Springs also add vibrations to the whole equipment which make the penetration into the soil easier. This way, the machine requires less power and the consumption of fuel reduces.

Rollers, which machine are equipped with, mix the soil with stubble, reduce damp loss and regulate the height of the work.