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Rollcuts are projected to use them both at the front and at the back of the tractor

They destroy stubbles, especially those of high and strong canes, like as sunflowers or corn.

They crush them, then they pass upon them and cut canes against the soil.


Rollcuts are equipped with sharp blade of hardened steel.

They crush and cuts canes previously dried on the sun after the crop.

Once the decomposition process is finalized, the soil is ready for seeding.


Rollcuts work at high speed. Higher is the speed, better are their performances.


To assure the best effectiveness, it is suggested to combine a weight holder.

One has been projected especially for this machine.


The use of rollcuts is extended to the pulverization of clods, with the condition that the soil must be dry and not sticky.


The power required from the tractor is the minimum one.

You need simply let him roll over stubbles. So the consumption of fuel is really insignificant.


Rollcuts may work in combination with other agricultural machines.