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Gascón International straight line subsoilers represent the best option to work with important quantities of stubble, both in dry and hard soils.

Straight line subsoilers are recommended in sweet corn cultures. Any other equipment than this could uproot rests of high and strong canes so easily.  The stubble passes through its rows, without being dragged. Consequently there no exists any danger of obstructing the equipment, even when working at a depth of 60cm.  Strong and robust, Gascón International straight line subsoilers have got a tubular frame of 180x180x12mm. Its weight is comprehended between 800Kg. y los 2600Kg.  The ergonomics of Gascón shanks, its positioning along the frame, as well the rows spacing or the conventional tips mounted in origin, are the key for an optimized penetration. This makes easy to fracture the compacted soil adequately and with the least turning of the surface.  Besides controlling working depth, it is recommended the use of rollers in order to pulverize clods, levelling the soil and seal it to reduce damp loss.