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KRATOS: Tines harrows fix

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Tines harrows Gascón International agricultural machinery
Tines harrows Gascón International agricultural machinery

Tine harrows are important tools for soil maintenance. Tine harrows, thanks to its cutting tines, aerate the ground, cultivate and level the soil in one sole effective passage.

Mangano silicious tines cut and pulverize the soil.

Tine spacing and its intercalated positioning is the right one to level the soil all along the whole length of the machine.


Tine harrows have twin-beam frame: squared tubes of 100x100 equipped with compartments of 4 sections.


The structure is completely articulated, equipped with stabilizing springs of compression (no risk to break due to efforts) so that the machine better follow soil profile and gains more stability.


Side sections: perfectly follow soil profile.


Hydraulic folding: through double effect cylinders.