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High performance with minimal requirement of power.

Carried V-shape disc harrows with rear wheels allow obtaining a very good sowing bed through a highly effective stubble and vegetable crop residue incorporation.
Their use is recommended in hard, dry, stony and abrasive soils. They pulverize and mix vegetable residues and overpass obstacles very easily. They cut vegetable residues and promote the development of roots and for consequently germination.
They cover between 1, 80M. of the smallest model and 4,20M. of the bigger one.
Its weight acts directly on the capacity of penetration of train of discs into the soil.
The hydraulic regulation of the angle of attack depends on a major or minor opening of the angle of work of the machine. The closing or the opening of the train of discs makes the rear wheels move automatically up and down in order to facilitate the handling of the machine.

The option to choose longitudinal folding is a very winning choise when transport in the road is requierd.