Good vibrations

KALI: Vibro cultivators hydraulic folding VBRH


Vibro cultivators realize the bed required for a sowing with regular depth, in particular for small seeds, in order to favor their growth.

Tine harrows are important tools especially for big areas because of their working width up to 8,10m.


Its S-tines, thanks to theirs intensive vibrations, improve aeration, penetration, mixing of chopped trash as well as an optimal crumbling of earth clods.


Tines’ distribution is conceived to avoid obstructing the equipment because of accumulation of residues.


Frame with 4 rows: short and compact construction to offer a center of gravity which allows the employment of tractors even with a weak strength of lifting.


The roller is spring mounted onto the frame via a suspension-regulation mechanism. This mechanism has the function of shock absorber, smooth contact to the ground and an accurate depth control. With a cranck handle the right pressure can be easily adjusted allowing the best possible crumbling and reconsolidation action.


Vibro cultivators are equipped with iron wheels with mechanic regulation of the depth on each one. Furthermore, wheels allow the machine to better follow soil profile and to gain more stability.


Side sections: perfectly follow soil profile.

Hydraulic folding: through double effect cylinders.