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It is recommended the employment of Gascón International subsoiling ploughs after a particularly dry season.

During a dry season, the soil becomes compact and hard and the roots cannot penetrate deep enough to find water or the adequate moisture that allow them to survive. The result, in case of not invert this situation, is that the majority of seeds would die and the whole crop would be seriously damaged. 


Thanks to its special shape and thanks to the ergonomics of its tines, Gascón International subsoiling ploughs are able to penetrate the soil in depth by breaking the soil pan, without modifying the layer in surface, because they do not rise or turn the superficial cap, which remains absolutely inalterated. Michel tines make ruts that help to improve water distribution and its penetration in depth. This way, we obtain the proper moisture level and the proper aeration of the soil for the normalized development of the roots. 


Company Gascón disposes of a very representative line of subsoiling ploughs which makes easy to supply the demand of all kind of crop. 


Model B is a double frame subsoiling plough. The cheapest one.

Model E is a double shank single frame subsoiling plough.

Model is recognizable because of its V-shape.

Model F is a single frame subsoiling plough. 

Model is recognizable because of its double frame W-shape.

Model VC  is recognizable because of its V-shape with curved shanks



All models are provided with share bolt safety device setted in origin (with the option to change to hydraulic system under requirement). In case of sudden an obstacle the safety system comes into action and prevents to damage the tractor and the chassis.