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Central wheels disc harrows working depth depends on the diameter of the discs, weight and angle attack which the machine forms in the direction of motion.

The front train of discs, generally equipped with toothed disc and scrapers, breaks up clods, thanks to the lateral displacement.
The back train of discs, generally equipped with smooth discs and scrapers, displaces the land in the opposite direction respect the front train - allow the superficial buring of the stubble, having, at the same time, pulverizing and levelling effect.

Machines are equipped with discs of 6mm. thickness - which improve capacity of penetration - with the option to increase in 2mm. in order to achieve even much more powerful equipment.

Disc spacing of 240mm. contributes to bury stubble residues and break up clods. This value may be increased up to 270mm. in RCR discs harrows.

Disc harrows frames are solid, strong, reinforced. The RCR model has three frames. Each model is designed in order to require only the minimum power of the tractor.

The use of rollers is strongly recommended.
Thanks to the rollers the machine better breaks clods up, firms the soil surface, reduces hard surface and leave surface in condition to resist crusting.
This way they favour the correct development of the seeds.

As an option, it is possible to suit disc harrows, with rear hook-coulter, so as to equip them with other equipments such as Cambridge rollers and improve bed of sowing.