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Gascón International V-shape subsoilers allow to obtaining a very good sowing bed with the least effort and very little fuel.

Gascón has got a wide range of models from 1 to 11 shanks, of different structures, each of them very strong: from 180x100x8mm. to 540x160x10mm. The weight goes from 150Kg. to 2100Kg.

This way V-shape subsoilers respond to the needs of every culture and soil. No matter the geography.

V-shape subsoilers manage to reach a working depth of about 65cm. and have an important fuel saving.

The ergonomics of shanks, the positioning along the frame, as well the rows spacing are the key for breaking the compacted soil and favour the formation of water reserves in depth and significantly reduce the stagnation of the water in the surface.

Rollers by Gascón are an important complement when you want to pulverize, level the soil and reduce damp loss, as well as adjust working depth.